Welcome to TKE at Rowan!

BRAND NEW TKE SITE!!! Yes, somebody who actually knows HTML and can do nifty things with it has designed a new new TKE site. Check it out here, it looks really good. Some parts are not complete yet, so feel free to use any part of this site you wish while the official one gets completed.


REGISTER TO VOTE! Use the TKE at Rowan site to access "Rock the Vote" and register for the upcoming general election, just click the banner at the bottom of the page.

I am sorry to announce that Tau Kappa Epsilon will not have a house in the Fall of 2000 semester. Unfortunately, the landlord who we rent from, lost his renting license, and cannot legally rent us the house. This news came at the last minute, leaving us unable to find a house by the Fall semester. We hope to have a house ready by this Spring semester. Any TKE business should be sent to 10 Eben St, instead.

Welcome to Rowan University's TKE site. To navigate through this site, just use the links up top.

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